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The entire tax returns ritual is not that easy to complete and, at times, can prove quite stressful for practices. Accurate self-assessment tax returns and tax preparation demand in-depth knowledge of various tax legislations so that the risks involved in executing various tax processes are completely eliminated. Tax returns outsourcing can help accounting practices of all sizes, and contrary to popular belief, they cost less than hiring in-house specialized accounting professionals. Personal and self-assessment tax returns outsourcing reduce costs by 40% by replacing in-house staff with highly experienced and trained onshore/offshore tax professionals. Accounting practices don’t have to spend a lot, and they get ready access to highly trained professionals. Therefore, it becomes a completely win-win situation for them.

What we require:
Last year tax computations and returns

Scope of Work:
Self-assessment for individuals (SA 100)
Self-assessment for partnerships (SA 800)
Forecast of personal and partnership taxes
Property schedules
Calculation of payment on account
Review and filing online with HMRC

Tax computation and summary report
SA100 and SA 800

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